Take Back Your Body Post-Baby With Body Slimming

  • April 15, 2018
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Take Back Your Body Post-Baby With Body Slimming


The miracle of birth is called so for a reason. It can be one of the most wonderful experiences of your life. But once the nine months of pregnancy are over and the baby?s born, you?re left with a body that?s somewhere in between the body you had before your pregnancy and the body you had during your pregnancy. Skin might be loose, and since your diet likely changed, your weight is certain to have changed.

Getting back something more like your body pre-baby can be a challenge for women, especially with all the work that goes into being a new mom. Fortunately, you don?t have to go through it alone. At Regatta Chiropractic, we have procedures that can help you take your body back after pregnancy.



Obviously, after pregnancy, you won?t hold on to all of the extra weight, but many women experience a change in diet and reduced activity during pregnancy, so you may be left with a little more fat than you had before. Cellulite is also common after pregnancy, as pregnancy tends to increase hormones that trigger cellulite to form. In this way, Verjú can help you slim back down after pregnancy.

Verjú is a laser-based body slimming procedure. It?s non-invasive and the lasers cause very little discomfort. It works by targeting fat cells in the lymphatic system. Verjú safely releases fatty lipids in those fat cells so that the cells shrink, thereby shrinking the cellulite. With this procedure, you can lose inches of fat and significantly reduce your cellulite. The result is a body that looks a little more like the body you once had.



Even the fittest pregnant women are likely to experience looser skin after pregnancy. Think of how far your body has been stretched through the process! It?s understandable that you might have a little bit of flab for a while, but non-invasive skin tightening treatments can make sure your sagging skin is gone sooner rather than later.

Like most skin-tightening treatments, EndyMed is often seen as a skin tightening treatment for the face. This can certainly come in handy for women who have just given birth, since pregnancy affects more than just the stomach. But EndyMed is not restricted to the face. This skin tightening procedure can reduce sagging skin in the body as well. It works by heating the collagen in the dermis, causing it to shrink and tighten the outer appearance of the skin. Since it also triggers the production of new collagen, your skin will not only look tighter but healthier and more radiant.


Things To Keep In Mind

Neither Verjú nor EndyMed ? nor any other body contouring procedures ? are recommended for women who are currently pregnant. However, after birth, there should be no reason why you shouldn?t be able to have either of these treatments to help get back in shape. Just check with your OB/GYN before scheduling either treatment. The non-invasive natures of the procedures and the latest technology allows the sessions to take less time and reach the desired effect in fewer sessions, so you won?t lose valuable time with the family.

Look, most of us aren?t supermodels, but we do like to stay in shape even after giving birth. If you need a little help getting back to your pre-baby body without cutting into the demanding schedule of life as a new mom, contact Regatta Chiropractic today.