Age Is So Much More Than Just A Number…

  • August 23, 2017
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Age Is So Much More Than Just A Number

Why is it that everyone says you need to embrace getting older? Sure, you have a stronger sense of who you really are, a better awareness of the world that we live in, and more life experiences than you probably care to remember to keep you from making the same mistakes twice?or maybe three times. Regardless, most of us are not sold on the thought of our bodies changing with age. Everything starts heading south and unfortunately, I am not talking about the beach. You know what we mean - chests sag, rear-ends vanish, arms start flapping in the wind, and do I even need to mention the dimples that seems to multiply on our thighsNo matter how many salads and steamed vegetables we eat or miles we run, many of us just cannot seem to outsmart the stubborn fat, cellulite and sagging skin that comes with age.  


At Regatta Chiropractic and Laser Center, we hear this sort of thing all the time from frustrated patients who lead a healthy lifestyle but life has left some marks that seem almost impossible to erase. Pregnancy, stress, and environmental factors make it harder and harder to keep things lifted and tight. Fortunately, they?ve come to the right place because we can help! We offer the latest in cutting edge technology to help patients combat the aging process with treatments that provide subtle, yet powerful changes to those problem areas! 


Now for the really good stuff! The Verju? laser system is the first FDA approved green laser to provide body contouring with fat loss, and treatment of the appearance of cellulite! The Verju? laser system is made of six low level laser beams that sweep the waist, hips and thighs for a treatment period of 40 minutes ? 20 minutes per area front and back. The lasers stimulates the fat cell to emulsify the fat within the cell allowing your body to naturally dispose of as waste. There is no pain, no heat, no incisions, no needles and patients can continue their daily routines immediately following their session.?Paired with a healthy diet and exercise, the Verju? laser allows you to achieve your goals, creating a smoother, more lean body.  


Both men and women have found Verju? to be their preferred body slimming technique for reasons including

  • Safe and painless treatment
  • Fat loss of 4" - 10" or more and 25% - 50% reduction of cellulite
  • Fast treatment; Can be done on a lunch break 
  • No recovery time, pain, swelling or discomfort post treatment
Say goodbye to stubborn fat and pesky cellulite, and embrace the years ahead with the Verju? laser. At Regatta Chiropractic and Laser Centerwe believe there is nothing wrong with getting a little help so you can feel and look your best no matter your age! Call (850) 424-7856 today to make an appointment and get started on a younger, more confident you.