Why choose EndyMed for Skin tightening?

  • March 15, 2018
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Why choose EndyMed for Skin tightening?

We?d all love to have naturally taut skin forever, but unfortunately, that?s just not how life works. After all, our skin has quite a bit of bodily changes to live through. As we get older, it?s natural for skin to loosen and sag, but knowing it?s natural doesn?t make it any more appealing. For years, people have talked about getting a face lift to tighten the skin around their face again. Face lifts work by creating incisions near the temples and the ear and adjusting skin tissues. If it doesn?t sound very comfortable, it?s because, well, it?s not. But for years it was the leading option for skin tightening.

Now, however, other options have started to arise, including EndyMed. EndyMed allows you to tighten your skin with very little discomfort. Here are a few reasons why you should consider EndyMed as an alternative to surgery.


EndyMed is Non-Invasive

If you?re uncomfortable with a skin-tightening procedure that requires incisions, the non-invasive EndyMed is an excellent choice. It?s a radiofrequency procedure with no downtime. The waves target the subdermal layer of skin, which triggers collagen production in your skin. Collagen works to revamp your skin, giving it a tighter, refreshed look. Endymed is fast with minimal discomfort and allows you to get right back to work after lunch!


EndyMed is Customizable

This FDA approved procedure has also been used since 2011 to tighten skin and reduce wrinkles. It?s easy to customize to whatever your needs might be. If you need to tighten your skin to get ready for a summer vacation at the beach, EndyMed may be your solution.


If you?re in Destin Florida or the surrounding area and interested in tightening your skin and wrinkle reeduction contact Regatta Chiropractic to schedule a consultation for an EndyMed Pro today.