Areas to Target for Laser Hair Removal

  • June 1, 2018
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Areas to Target for Laser Hair Removal

When we think of laser hair removal, we think most of removing hair on the legs and bikini area. This makes sense, as for women, this is where the majority of unwanted hair grows. As swimsuit season comes into view, many laser hair removal customers will schedule appointments for those areas in particular. However, those are not the only areas that can be covered with laser hair removal.

Body hair has a tendency to have a mind of its own. Wherever you don?t want it to grow is exactly where it will grow. Sometimes that?s your legs, but it might be your stomach, your chin or upper lip. Fortunately, where there?s unwanted hair, there?s laser hair removal. Here are a few areas to target for laser hair removal.


Upper Lip and Chin

Upper lip hair is more common in women than most women will admit. If you have naturally dark hair, upper lip hair can become even more distinct. You may also see sprouts of hair growing near your chin. You can tweeze these hairs or try to eliminate the hair with waxing. However, both of those methods are more painful than laser hair removal. With recent technology, LHE uses lower fluences that don?t overheat the skin in removing unwanted hair. This minimizes discomfort and removes the need for a cool down period. It certainly beats the sharp sting of waxing.


Back and Lower Back

We tend to think of growing back hair as a masculine thing, and while it is more common among men, women can also grow back hair, and most aren?t too thrilled about it. Fortunately, your laser hair removal procedure that works so well with legs and bikini area will work just as well when it comes to hair on the back or lower back.  Just ask about back procedures when scheduling your laser hair removal.


Arms and Under Arms

Most people don?t think to remove the hair on their arms. However, those with naturally dark, thick hair might have more obvious, thicker arm hair and may not like the sight. Laser hair removal can also target full arms as well as under arms for those who don?t mind their forearms so much as what?s underneath.


And Of Course, Legs and Bikini Area

Again, this is by far the most common type of laser hair removal procedure, especially as summer approaches. Shaving can be a tedious hassle, and laser hair removal by far simplifies the process. It won?t mean, of course, that you?ll never have to shave again, but you will be able to rock your swimsuit this summer without shaving every day.

Our laser hair removal improves on the original breakthrough of using light-based therapy to remove unwanted hair by using low fluences of lasers that make the process both efficient and as comfortable as possible. LHE technology also minimizes the risk of any harmful side effects, so it?s not just effective but safe. Want to schedule your first laser hair removal appointment? Contact us today.